You Can Now Watch LOU!

Remember about how it was copyrighted? Well, we have made it Unlisted! Nobody can watch it except if they have a link! So please watch and see here!

We are going to put up WOM too.

Have fun!

The Workers at W.M.Thing Studios.

Poster for Legacy of Unicron

This is a previously unreleased poster for Legacy of Unicron. WE thought we would share it with you now.

3D Transformers!

Now on YouTube,™ the 3D preview of Transformers: 3D Legacy of Unicron is a breakthrough for us!

Watch it here, and make sure you wear your Red + Cyan 3D glasses!

Copyright's Right -- But...

Okay, so we had out our amazing Transformers: Legacy of Unicron movie.
Then, YouTube says "This movie has been taken off because of a copyright claim by WMG."
In case you don't know, WMG is Warner Music Group.
It appears that WMG saw our thing online and listened to it, and now say that the music we used belongs to them.
They should. It does. But we don't think taking the movie offline is a just act, especially considering that our little movie draws more fans then ever to their movie.
If they won't let us put up Legacy of Unicron, what about Wrath of Megatron?
And the video games?
And these blogs?
So now, we have to come to an immediate answer. Either: Swap music on Unicron and put it back, and do the same for Megatron, or, Stop work on all the plans for The Unicron Duet, or, continue the way we were going to, but privately, (which means we would not display this stuff on YouTube).

We have decided on a poll, you will find it on this blog.

Legacy of Unicron is DONE


Legacy of Unicron is done.
That took a long time. Now it is time to start work on Transformers: Wrath of Megatron.
Therefore, this blog will become quite un-active.

New clip for movie

Unicron gets an Autobot logo on his arm for saving Optimus.